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"Ultrasonic Scrubber"
Портативна ултразвукова шпатола
Портативна радиочестотна система за стягане и оформяне на контурите на лицето и деколтето
Радиочестотна система за антицелулитна терапия и оформяне контурите на тялото и лицето
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Combined unit of equipment for iontophoresis, high-frequency treatment, and peeling


JOPEE-2000 is a representative of the new line cosmetic devices of SHOUMEL-M "Beauty Style 2000". It is a beautiful and practical unit designed on the basis of JONOFOR-1N, OREOL-40L and PEELTHER which are widely using in practice.
JOPEE-2000 provides you with possibilities for effective, painless and quick disposal of the most common esthetic and health problems of the clients concerning the skin of the face and the body.
The unit is constructed in accordance with all requirements of the international standards for medical equipment.


Basic applications:

• Iontophoresis with galvanic current
a combination of the physiological effect of the galvanic current and the healing effect of the medicines absorbed through skin pores.
• Iontophoresis with monopolar pulse current with frequency 2000Hz by means of which the "skin effect" is overcomed.
• Iontophoresis with semisinous current with frequency 100Hz.
• Desincrustation (decomposition) of unwanted subdermal lardaceous formations which can be done two ways - the classical way and also with the help of multineedled electrode specially constructed for that purpose.
• Pain easing with the help of semisinous current with frequency 100Hz.
• Local high-frequency therapy. The high-frequency coronary discharge obtained between the glass electrode and the skin has an effect on the receptors which by a reflex way improve the local blood circulation, the tissue nourishment and the metabolism.

The unit guarantees effective high-frequency treatment:
- of the face with the help of a round glass electrode;
- of the eyelids (when there are tumefactions and wrinkles) with the help of a straight electrode;
- of the neck, the hands and the body with the help of a chin electrode;
- of the hairy part of the head with the help of a comb electrode.

• Deep cleansing of face skin pores with the help of soft brushes.
• Eye-wrinkle massage with the small eye brush.
• Body massage with a hard brush.
• Peeling with a sponge or an emery cloth.


Main features:

  • Iontophoresis and desincrustation with three forms of electric currents: galvanic, pulse and semisinous.
  • Desincrustation with special multiple-needles electrode.
  • High-frequency treatment with glass electrodes.
  • Deep cleansing of the skin with soft brushes.
  • Dry and wet peeling.
  • Brush massage.

Technical characteristics:

  • Power supply: 220V/50Hz
  • Dimensions: 470x320x170mm
  • Weight: 6.5kg

Jopee 2000 set:

  • Handle for iontophoresis 1pc.
  • Electrodes for iontophoresis 2pcs.
  • Electrode for desincrustation 1pc.
  • Handle for glass electrodes 1pc.
  • Round glass electrode 1pc.
  • Handle for brushes and sponges 1pc.
  • Soft brushes for cleaning 2pcs.
  • Hard brush for massage 1pc.
  • Sponge for peeling 2pcs.

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